Health Tours | Medical Check-up in Malaysia: What You Need to Know
Learn about the importance of medical checkups in Malaysia, how they can help prevent diseases, and what to expect during the procedures. Find the best healthcare providers and facilities for your medical checkups today.
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Check – Up in Malaysia

Medical Checkups in Malaysia

Comprehensive Guide to Medical Checkups in Malaysia: Benefits and Procedures

Medical Check-up in Malaysia

Medical Check-up in Malaysia

Medical check-ups, also known as health screenings, are an essential aspect of preventive healthcare. Regular check-ups can help detect potential health problems before they become serious, allowing for early intervention and treatment. In Malaysia, medical check-ups are widely available and accessible, with state-of-the-art facilities and experienced healthcare professionals.

Types of Medical Check-ups

There are different types of medical check-ups available in Malaysia, ranging from basic health screenings to more comprehensive examinations. Some of the most common types of check-ups include:

  1. Basic Health Screening: This is a simple check-up that includes a physical examination, blood pressure and cholesterol test, and urine analysis.
  2. Executive Health Screening: This is a more comprehensive check-up that includes additional tests such as a complete blood count, liver function test, and cancer markers.
  3. Women’s Health Screening: This check-up is specifically designed for women and includes breast and pelvic examinations, Pap smear, and mammogram.
  4. Men’s Health Screening: This check-up is designed for men and includes prostate cancer screening, testicular examination, and cholesterol and glucose tests.
  5. Pre-employment Medical Check-up: This is a check-up required by employers before hiring new employees to ensure they are fit for the job.


Check-up in Malaysia

Check-up in Malaysia

Cost of Medical Check-ups

The cost of medical check-ups in Malaysia varies depending on the type and the healthcare provider. Generally, basic health screenings start from RM 80, while more comprehensive check-ups can cost up to RM 2,000. However, the cost is significantly lower compared to other countries, making Malaysia a popular destination for medical tourism.

Scheduling a Medical Check-up

Scheduling a medical check-up in Malaysia is easy and can be done online or by phone. Most healthcare providers have a dedicated department to assist with scheduling appointments and providing information on the different types of check-ups available. It is recommended to schedule a check-up at least once a year to ensure optimal health and wellbeing.


Medical check-ups are an important aspect of preventive healthcare, and Malaysia offers a wide range of options for individuals seeking to prioritize their health. With affordable costs, modern facilities, and experienced healthcare professionals, getting a medical check-up in Malaysia is a convenient and beneficial experience for locals and medical tourists alike.

Note: The article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice. It is essential to consult a qualified medical professional before making any decisions regarding health treatments.


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